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Gibsons jigsaw puzzles - like this 1000-piece image of Blooming Lovely - are made from the thickest puzzle board on the market. Even The Queen is a fan of Gibsons jigsaws!

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Product description

Imagine this - it's springtime in the city, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you are sipping on an ice-cold G&T under this gorgeous floral canopy€¦

We decided to take the liberty of enjoying this glorious afternoon ourselves and then captured it within this tricky 1000 piece puzzle. You didn't want to go anyway, did you?

Blooming Lovely is part of our new range of design-led jigsaw puzzles especially for grown-ups. Available in six quirky designs that have been specifically selected, the White Logo collection complements the mindfulness movement, as puzzling reduces stress by occupying and engaging the mind.*

Designed and manufactured in the UK from the thickest board available on the jigsaw puzzle market, the new puzzles are made from 100% recycled board and are presented in compact boxes to reduce unnecessary cardboard waste. Additionally, the puzzles are secured with paper tabs instead of shrink wrap to avoid excess plastic waste, adhering to our goal to reduce our carbon footprint.

*In a poll of 139 prospective puzzlers, the respondents voted for their favourite designs which were then selected for this range.
**62% of respondents aged 18-54 feel that their mental health/well-being is either as important or more important than their physical health/well-being.

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