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Piece together the puzzle, solve the mysteries, and make your escape with this Unicorns mystery jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger!

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Product description

On a walk in an ancient forest, something magical attracts you into the depths of the historic woodland. In a sunlit clearing you discover a sad but magnificent unicorn, whose magical powers have been lost in a battle with an evil sorcerer. The unicorn pleads for your help to help them regain their magical powers. Confused, concerned but determined, you begin your quest to search for the lost magic...

Ravensburger's puzzles are a perfect way to relax after a long day or for family fun on a rainy day. The superiority of a Ravensburger puzzle is renowned. Be one of the millions to experience a whole new world of puzzling fun with Ravensburger quality products. Every piece is unique and fully interlocking. The quality is enhanced by the vast array of shapes made by Ravensburger's handcrafted tools - one of the many ways they show their passion for excellence.

  • Assembled size: 27.56 x 19.69 inches

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