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Advent Calendar: Escape the Sunken Submarine
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Advent Calendar: Escape the Sunken Submarine

Advent Calendar: Escape the Sunken Submarine

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Dive from room to room in this underwater labyrinth! Solve riddles to unlock doors and discover the sunken submarine secrets.

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Product description

Ready for an advent-ure?

Experience the thrill of an escape room in this advent calendar challenge! Dice each day into the shadowy depths, open a door and discover a mysterious room. Decode the clues inside to determine the door for your next dive.

There are symbols instead of numbers on the doors; solve the riddle in each room to find the next door!

Here is your mission:

In a forgotten sea chest in your grandparents' attic, you uncover Captain Schmitt's journal and learn of the tragic story of his submarine. On a research trip near the Bermuda Triangle, the submarine VEGA sank in a terrible storm. The crew were rescued, but their secret discoveries were lost in the depths. Immediately, you organize a diving expedition to recover the VEGA. Here's the challenge: You only have enough oxygen tanks for 24 dives!

Now take a daily dive, solve the riddles, and the solutions will illuminate the way. Uncover the lost secrets and your expedition is a success!

Play as a solo adventurer or work together as a family. Need help? There are hints and solutions for every room. Recommended for ages 10+.

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