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BattleTech: Clan Invasion brings remolded Clan and Inner Sphere Mechs to players’ tabletops, adding additional content to BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat.

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It is the 31st Century, a time of endless wars that rage across human-occupied space. As star empires clash, these epic wars are won and lost by BattleMechs, 30-foot-tall humanoid metal titans bristling with lasers, autocannons and dozens of other lethal weapons. Your elite force of MechWarriors pilots these juggernauts into battle, proudly holding your faction's flag high, intent on expanding the power and glory of your realm. Will you become legend, or a lost casualty on a forgotten world? Only you will determine your fate!


Battletech Salvage Box: Clan Invasion 

  • 1 Random Wave One Omnimech

Clan Invasion Box:

  • 5 Miniatures
    • Executioner
    • Timber Wolf
    • Nova
    • Grendel
    • Adder
  • 2 Points (Bases) of Elemental Battle Armor
  • A pair of 6-sided dice
  • Expanded Clan Primer Booklet
  • Clan Rulebook
  • Record Sheets Booklet
  • Novella
  • 10 Pilot Cards
  • Alpha Strike Cards
  • Reference Card
  • Game Map
  • Standees & Terrain Tile Punchboard
  • Unique Kickstarter Cover

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