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Weird Western fantasy meets Dungeons & Dragons!

$96.00 CAD
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2 seats

Product description

Weird Western Fantasy

The Crystal Frontier is a desert lashed by sorcery, poisoned by magic. Translucent shards fall from the sky nightly, blazing trails above the cursed land and leaking colourful arcane mordants that dye the landscape with bold hues.

When humanity’s nations and magic were strong, the Frontier was a shunned badland. In these fallen times, desperation has driven outcasts and refugees from both sides of the mountains to struggle here.

The lure of wealth also draws miscreant treasure seekers, who hunt for the voids within the sky-crystals. Sometimes these are full of gold, eldritch artifacts, and glittering gemstone - reservoirs of arcane power.

You are one such seeker, lured by the promises of easy wealth and mysterious treasure.


  • Length: 6 sessions
  • Times: 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Dates: 
    • Wednesday, September 20
    • Wednesday, October 4
    • Wednesday, October 11
    • Wednesday, October 18
    • Wednesday, October 25
    • Wednesday, November 1
  • Cost: $16 per session
  • Size: 6 players maximum
  • DM: Hugo
  • Prerequisites: Intermediate D&D experience suggested though not required. All are welcome!


Character Creation

You have come to the crystal frontier - a lawless and inhospitable place. How or why is up to you - maybe you have debts to repay, perhaps you want to study the arcane treasurer found here, or are you just trying to start a new life?

Note: If you’re new to all this - welcome! You don’t have to worry about making a character - we will get you started right away on the day with a pre-built character.

Character level

Your character starts at level 5

Character stats

Determine your stats using the standard array or point-buy method (PHB p12)

Point buy calculator link:

Character race/origin

Choose from any of the races in the Player Handbook (PHB p17)

You may use the “Customizing your Origin” variant rule from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (TCE p8) to determine your Ability Score Increases, Languages and Proficiencies.

Starting equipment

You may start with one uncommon magic item.  


About your DM

Hugo has been playing and running roleplaying games for more than ten years, starting with Pathfinder and D&D 4E. He’s also run Call of Cthulhu and a lot of 5E in the last five years. Recently he’s running some of the new systems coming out of independent creators such as the award winning Heart: The City Beneath by Rowan, Rook and Deckard.

It’s the shared creativity and improvisation that Hugo enjoys the most about roleplaying games. When everyone at the table is working together as one storytelling team to come up with imaginative solutions and new ideas and even the odd hair-brained scheme.

Hugo focuses on running a welcoming and inclusive game that provides everyone present with the space and opportunity to have an enjoyable and memorable session every time.

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