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So how's that social isolation going? Yeah, same here.

Shake things up a bit with a swashbuckling adventure! These beginner-oriented one-shots are designed to kick-start your D&D experience and introduce you to the world of roleplaying games (RPGs). These one-shots are a standalone adventures, so there's no long-term commitment!

  • Length: 1 session
  • Cost: $10 store credit*
  • Size: 6 players maximum
  • DM: Garrett
  • Prerequisites: A free Discord account. No D&D experience required!

Join us at at your scheduled session times and sally forth into mayhem from the comfort of your own home.

Please message the Rain City Games account on Discord - or email [email protected] - prior to the event to give us your Discord username so we can let you into the correct game room.  

Proceeds from our online D&D events go directly to our DMs. Once basic expenses are covered, your support helps keep our staff afloat in these uncertain times.

* What's this about store credit? Charging in store credit allows us to cover our expenses without making things too expensive for you, the player. We'll charge $60 at the start of the campaign, which gives you $60 of credit to spend in-store at your leisure. It's like buying a gift card for your future self - how thoughtful!

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