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$10.00 CAD
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10+ seats

Product description

Are you the very model of a Modern major Magic player?

Come by and play some Standard and Modern games with our friendly community. This is a casual event aimed to offer a space to play the decks you love while being accessible enough for anyone to participate.

  • Format: Alternating between Standard and Modern - check the dropdown to see where we are in the rotation
  • Mana cost: $10.00
  • Times: 4:00 - 7:00 pm on Sundays
  • Location: Vancouver

Bring your favourite deck and join us for a casual 3-round tournament with light prizing.

If you haven't already, please download and set up the Magic: The Gathering Companion app with your Wizards account prior to your arrival - we'll get playing that much faster!



Every player will receive 1 random booster pack. This booster pack will have a minimum value of $5.49, but may in fact be more valuable - the more participants we have at a given event, the more valuable packs we can throw in the mix!


Cancellation / refund policy

Attendees can cancel (and be refunded for) event registrations up to one hour prior to the listed event start time. If you need to cancel your event reservation, contact the store and we'll sort things out.


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