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The Quiet Year is a cartography-based roleplaying game. It can be a wonderful standalone product telling the story of a community and region, or a great way to create a setting to use in another RPG.

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Product description

The Quiet Year is a map game. You define the struggles of a community living after the collapse of civilization, and attempt to build something good within their quiet year. Every decision and every action is set against a backdrop of dwindling time and rising concern.

The game is played using a deck of cards – each of the 52 cards corresponds to a week during the quiet year. Each card triggers certain events – bringing bad news, good omens, project delays and sudden changes in luck. At the end of the quiet year, the Frost Shepherds will come, ending the game.

For 2-4 players, 3-4 hours.

What's in the bag?

This beautiful game comes in a small burlap bag. You'll receive a forty-page booklet, a deck of oversized game cards (3.25" x 5", just like the booklet), a turn summary card, six small dice, and twenty Contempt Tokens (shaped like weathered skulls).


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