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Word Domination is an award-winning game of area control and word building unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Uproarious Games
2 copies in Vancouver

Product description

Word Domination is an award winning game of area control and word building unlike anything you’ve seen before. Take on the role of one of eight criminal masterminds, plotting to steal priceless artifacts and landmarks from around the globe. Infamy points are awarded to the player who not only steals the most loot, but who most carefully plans when and where to perform their heist. You’ll have to ransack, backstab, and steal your way to victory seat.

But be warned – you’ll need more than a big vocabulary to succeed. The strategic use of the board is often the deciding factory as to who comes out on top.

  • Take the role of a 1970s-era criminal mastermind, each with their own, unique abilities and weaknesses
  • Every letter represents a priceless artifact or landmark that you can steal
  • Hard-to-use letters are the super-mega-evil arsenal, each with their own devious power
  • Feel like a genius – even non-word gamers can spell massive words, thanks to the open playing area
  • Completely interactive – unlike many word games, you’ll be messing with your opponents on every turn
  • Strategic gameplay – deciding which letters to focus on can make the all difference
  • Co-op and solo gameplay variants included – team for heist of the century or conquer the world on all your own
  • A great gateway game – don’t suffer through another game of Scrabble again!
  • Easy to learn, easy to teach


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