Loot they will love: Top treasures for your RPG player

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Loot they will love: Top treasures for your RPG player

Whether you’re thanking your GM or shopping for someone who loves D&D (or any other roleplaying game), here are some gifts that will put a smile on any RPG-lover’s face - and maybe make your DM less murder-y!

RPG dice and dice-adjacent goodies


Dice advent calendars

This one's a seasonal treat from our friends at Adventure Dice.

As the holidays approach, mark the passage of time with some mysterious math rocks. Each calendar contains 24 little boxes with 1 polyhedral die apiece, guaranteeing at least 3 complete RPG dice sets across the whole calendar. It's perfect for that special DM in your life (or yourself; we won't judge).




D20 dice rings

Let’s be honest - what DM wouldn’t want to lord over their game with a Ring of Power? Characters can live or die with a literal twist of fate - this ring is a functional D20 die you can wear! The rings come in four colours and a variety of sizes to fit any DM’s whim (and finger).




Metal RPG dice sets

These solid metal dice from Die Hard (the dice company, not the movie) have been a resounding success since we first got them in early 2018. The dice come in a wide range of colours and finishes, from gritty copper that seem forged in a dwarven mine to brilliant colours any elven artisan would be proud of.




Dice trays

Wrangle your dice (and protect your table!) with these Die Hard dice trays. Each tray harnesses the mystical power of magnets to snap into place, then unsnaps to lie flat for easier transit at the end of the night. Trays come in a variety of colours to match your personality, character, dice colour scheme - look, there are a lot of factors to consider here.




D&D miniatures and battlemats


WizKids D&D and Pathfinder miniatures

So many minis! WizKids began rolling out its Pathfinder and Nolzur’s lines in 2017, and they’ve been a hit ever since. Seven(!) waves of new releases later, these minis are still a must-have for any campaign, with their attention to detail and high quality molds. The WizKids minis feature playable characters, monsters, NPCs, scenery, and more!




Chessex Battlemats

These battlemats are blank canvases for your campaign. Use wet erase markers to draw all the traps and terrain you can imagine, with a square grid on one side and a hex grid on the other to help you plan. The mats come in two sizes to fit your battle table.




D&D reference materials


D&D Spellbook Cards / Monster Cards / Magic Item Cards

Any good wizard (or G.I. Joe) knows that knowledge is power. Keep knowledge of your spells, foes, and tools close at hand with D&D Spellbook Cards, Monster Cards, and Magic Item Cards.

In the case of Spellbook Cards, each deck holds information relevant to your character. Simply pull your character’s learned spells from the deck to help you remember all of your options as you ride into battle.

Monster Cards and Magic Item Cards help your DM come up with baddies and goodies to throw at you and your party - simply draw a card from the deck to determine your fate!




Decks of Many

Complement your Spellbook Cards with Decks of Many. These decks contain stats and details for monsters, weapons, items, NPCs - they’re like cheat sheets for your campaign. Your party sidles up to a shadowy character at the tavern? Draw an NPC card and see what kind of trouble you’re getting into...