Magic: The Gathering - Singles Pricing Policy

The price listed on our website is in Canadian dollars... and it may not be final. We will verify card prices at time of pickup and purchase - because these prices can change quickly, the price shown on our site right now may not be the card's final price. If a price change is not to your liking, you will have the opportunity to remove cards from your basket at time of pickup and purchase.

We use the listed price as a baseline, then discount from there for grading. If a card is in rough shape, we discount according to the following scale:

  • Lightly Played (LP) - 10% off listed M/NM price
  • Moderately Played (MP) - 20% off
  • Heavily Played (HP) - 30% off
  • Damaged - 50% off

Except in cases of major damage, we do not grade cards worth less than $5.

Language doesn't matter. Except in rare cases, we price foreign language cards as though they were in English.

Autographs don't matter. As far as we're concerned, they neither raise nor lower the price of the card.