Sort Your Cards

Calling all chaff hoarders - Rain City Games now offers card sorting services!


You drop off your boxes of unsorted cards - we give you back an organized, cataloged collection


Bring in your cards and have them sorted within customizable parameters: Set, card name, rarity, colour, even current market value!

You’ll also get a spreadsheet of all sorted cards, ready to import into your digital collection service of choice. The CSV will include:

  • Card Name 
  • Set 
  • Rarity 
  • Quantity
  • TCGplayer market price
  • TCGplayer ID for marketplace upload.


Price: $20 per hour

Speed: Approx 450 cards per hour, up to 900 cards per batch - collections over 900 cards are welcome!


Save yourself time and money!


Prior to handoff, please:

  • Separate nonfoils, foils, and specialty foils (halo foils, step-and-compleat foils, etc.) into three groups
  • Separate all graded cards if grading is important to you (i.e. if you’re planning to sell the cards online) - if you don’t care, you can skip this step
  • Remove all card sleeves

Rain City Games staff can assist you with these separations, but it will add to your total charge.