Want to host an event in our space? We're in! Use the scheduler below to call dibs on our tables.


Please book a table appropriate for your group size:

  • Big Tables 1 and 2 hold 4-10 people each
  • Small Tables 1 and 2 hold 2-3 people each


Table fees

We ask that each person pay $5 in store credit for each table you reserve, payable when you arrive. That "store credit" part means you get the $5 back on your store account, which you can use to pay for any merchandise in the store. It's like buying a gift card for your future self - how thoughtful!

If a single group member would like to pay for everyone in the group in order to pool credit, that's fine too.


Roleplaying games

Recurring events are welcome! RPGs have two options available:

  1. Your campaign remains a private event. Everyone, including the DM, pays $5 in store credit per session.
  2. You open your campaign to other players. All players pay $5 in store credit per session, but the store pays the GM $20 per session. We need at least 2 weeks' notice on this option so we can advertise the remaining seats to other players. Please email [email protected] for more details.



You're welcome to use our tables and extensive game library while you stay and play. If you need anything else (a DM, RPG gear, etc.) please email [email protected] to set things up.



Don't want to make a reservation? No problem. If the space isn't otherwise booked, simply show up and start playing. Just know that there's no guarantee you'll get your spot!