Payment methods

So here's the thing.

As a community-minded game store, we like to offer a wide range of products to our customers. One of the games we carry is the card game Magic: The Gathering - including single used cards from the game. The value of each card fluctuates over time, sometimes even day to day. With 35,000+ cards to track, it simply isn't feasible to offer live prices on our site.

That's why the only payment method we accept for any product is payment in-store. You can use the website to place a 24-hour hold on anything we carry, but you'll need to come into the store to verify prices and finish the transaction before the 24 hours are up. After the 24 hours are up, we may remove your hold and return the product to our shelves.

We know this situation isn't ideal, but it's the best balance of convenience and functionality that we can offer right now. We appreciate your patience as we continue to look for better solutions.