Rain City Games Loyalty Program

Our loyalty rewards program is pretty straightforward - earn points on every purchase, then cash those points in for discounts and freebies!


Earn 1 point for every two dollars spent (excluding taxes).

Current prizes include:

Points Prize
50 Free standard size WizKids miniature ($7.99 value)
100 $5 off your next purchase
150 Plastic RPG or D6 dice set ($14.99 value)
150 $10 off your next purchase
200 $20 off your next purchase

With more options on the way!


Don't worry, there aren't any catches - it's free to sign up, there aren't any $$ per year purchase requirements, the points don't expire, and we're not in the spamming business. Sign up on our website at checkout or let us know you'd like to join next time you're in!