Fall 2021 Used Game Sale Policies

Shelves getting a little crowded? Thin the herd with our biannual Used Game Sale!

As always, our Used Game Sale is a two-part process.

  • September 17 to 30 - Used game drop-off in Vancouver
  • October 1 to 8 - Used Game Sale online

As before, we’re welcoming jigsaw puzzles to the event because it’s been that kind of year.


The details

  • Our sale is limited to 250 games and puzzles total / 10 items max per person. We have now hit this limit and will not be accepting any more submissions. If you've already submitted games via Google Docs you're still welcome to drop those off.
  • Sale will be conducted through our website only - no in-store browsing.
  • Rain City Games will not inventory games or puzzles - sellers must self-report and buyers understand this is an as-is situation.
  • Sorry, no game expansions flying solo - all expansions must be bundled with their base games.

Sellers receive 50% of the sale price in cash or 80% in store credit - whatever that price is when the game finally sells.


The schedule

  • September 13 to 29 - game and puzzle submissions begin online (or when our 250 item maximum is reached)
  • September 17 to 30 - game and puzzle drop-offs begin (Vancouver only)

October 1 to 8 - Online Used Game Sale!

  • Friday 10/1 - 30% off baseline price
  • Saturday 10/2 - 40% off
  • Sunday 10/3 - 45% off
  • Monday 10/4 - 50% off
  • Tuesday 10/5 - 55% off
  • Wednesday 10/6 - 60% off
  • Thursday 10/7 - 65% off
  • Friday 10/8 - 75% off

As you can see above, we’ll be keeping our in-store Used Game Sale tradition of deepening the discounts as the sale progresses. Of course playing chicken with prices is even riskier online - you can’t see if someone is hovering over that game you really want… :)


Before dropping off


  • Inventory each game or puzzle and identify any missing pieces - games in rougher condition will be discounted further
  • Submit this information in our online form - submissions have now closed

Please also take photos of each submission and email them to [email protected]:

  • Board games - 2 photos: 1) Exterior front cover of box and 2) Interior of box, showing pieces inside
  • Jigsaw puzzles - 1 photo: 1) Exterior front cover of box

Remember: Drop-offs end Thursday, September 30th!


At drop-off

Rain City Games staff will:

  • Confirm drop-offs match what was submitted on the form
  • Review baseline price (MSRP or other) and whether additional discounts are needed due to game or puzzle condition with seller
  • Confirm that the seller’s photos match what is received


Any questions? Email us at [email protected] and we’ll see what we can do to answer them.