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PREORDER - Arcs - Kickstarter Edition (includes More to Explore expansion)

PREORDER - Arcs - Kickstarter Edition (includes More to Explore expansion)

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Product description

Arcs is a sharp sci-fi strategy game for 2–4 players, set in a dark yet silly universe. Ready yourself for dramatic twists and turns as you launch into this galactic struggle.

  • Seize the initiative. Take actions with multi-use cards. Copy the leader, pivot to new tactics, or take the initiative for the next round. Timing is everything.
  • Declare ambitions. In each game, you define the objectives that everyone competes over to win.
  • Crush your foes. Amass your navy for battle, plan your strategy with three kinds of dice, then roll them all at once to resolve the battle in a flash.

Each game contains...

  • 100 wooden ships and agents
  • 18 custom engraved dice
  • 1 beautiful six-panel board
  • Tons of cards with over 60 pieces of unique art

The More to Explore Expansion is included with the Kickstarter Editions of Arcs! 

This is a PREORDER for a Kickstarter game. Fulfillment is expected in August 2024, but delays on Kickstarters are common.

Follow the official Arcs Kickstarter's updates HERE.

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