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Product description

The award winning game about the craziest camel race just got even crazier! The race now includes new contestants – camels that are so confused that they start the race running in the wrong direction!

That’s not all that’s new! The track has been significantly enhanced since your last visit – it now includes new art and components. So let the fun begin!

The award winning classic is back in this Second Edition! Camel Up returns with all new art, components, and rules.

More than just a pretty new face - things have changed a lot since you last played it. At the center of the board is a brand new, dazzling pyramid that provides greater ambiance to the game. Players will also discover new game modes, including the crazy rogue camels that start the race running in the opposite direction! Lastly, longtime fans and new ones will enjoy the updated board and components, including new engraved dice and all new illustrations!

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