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Product description

Welcome, devotees! The celestial gaze of the Great Inky One falls upon you; do you have what it takes to be the most dedicated follower?


Cosmoctopus is an engine-building, tentacle-gathering board game for 1 to 4 devotees. Guide Cosmoctopus through the Inky Realm, a flexible configuration of tiles, to gather resources and obtain powerful cards that represent relics, scripture, hallucinations and constellations. Harness the power of these bizarre objects and experiences, craft potent card combinations and be the first to gain 8 tentacles to win!


Your turns are simple; the game’s excitement and depth lie in working out how best to use an ever-powerful hand of cards. Unlike some other engine-builders, you’ll be straight into the fun, upgrading your engine from turn one. With variable setup, easy ways to alter difficulty and optional solo and co-operative modes, Cosmoctopus offers a versatile tabletop experience, whatever your gaming tastes.



  • 1 Cosmoctopus Head Miniature
  • 29 Tentacle Miniatures
  • 88 Devotee Cards
  • 4 First Contact Cards
  • 12 Private Investigator Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 96 Wooden Resource Tokens (24 of each of Coins, Ink, Stars and Whispers)
  • 12 Inky Realm Tiles
  • 4 Forbidden Knowledge Tiles
  • 4 Summoning Tiles
  • 11 Gameplay Tokens
  • 1 Lore Sheet/Icon Guide
  • Rulebook

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