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Tell the story of a life... starting with how it ends. A biography creation story game.

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Product description

Every life is a story worth telling, each full of triumphs and joys, failures and heartbreaks. If we could look back at all the moments that shaped someone’s life, what would their story be? That’s the heart of Epitaph: exploring the breadth and depth of a life.

Epitaph is a game about life and the events that make us who we are. You play together to create a character whose life you’ll explore… starting with how they died. Then you jump around the story of their life, creating the key moments that shaped them.

Epitaph has no prep before play, so you can start creating an engaging story from the moment you sit down together--in person or online. It’s a GMless story game for 2-5 players and is designed for one session of 2-3 hours.

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