Globetrotting - Limited Kickstarter Edition
Globetrotting - Limited Kickstarter Edition

Globetrotting - Limited Kickstarter Edition

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Product description

Globetrotting is a game about traveling the world. Players plot three epic trips to take over the next year. It’ll take careful planning to achieve all your travel goals while staying under budget.

Each round, three Destination cards are revealed. Each player simultaneously selects one Destination and adds it to one of their three trips by drawing the travel route on their own globe. The globe stands have a built-in circular ruler to measure the distance (and cost) of each flight. The further you fly, the more expensive the trip.

Players score by accomplishing the objectives on their Bucket List cards. In addition, each player has shared Travel Buddy Goals with each neighboring player. Coordinate plans with your travel buddies to meet up in the same place at the same time to score. And everyone is racing to be the first to complete the Global Objectives. The player who checks off the most travel goals wins!


This Kickstarter-exclusive edition adds:

  • 6 additional Global Objective Tiles
  • 10 Travel Rewards Cards - asymmetric player powers
  • Gold foil on Passports

Plus all Kickstarter stretch goals, including:

  • Suitcase box with handle
  • Wet-eraseable coating for cards, globe stands, passports, and tiles
  • Jumbo destination cards
  • Magnetic box lid

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