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Product description

In this Clue-inspired spin on Magic: The Gathering, step into the roles of Ravnica's top detectives, gathering evidence to determine the killer, their weapon, and the scene of the crime. There are two ways to win: be the first to solve the mystery or be the last suspect standing.

This product has endless replayability—to get started, you only need to grab 2 Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters, shuffle them together, and play. To start up a new game, you can keep your own deck together, reshuffle the Evidence cards, and get back to sleuthing!

  • Ravnica: Clue Edition Boosters
  • 21 Evidence cards featuring characters, weapons, and rooms inspired by Cluedo
  • 1 of 10 possible Foil Shock Lands featuring new art
  • 4 Hidden Info Screens
  • 1 Evidence Notepad
  • 1 Case File Envelope
  • 1 Card Storage Box


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