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A contemplative solo roleplaying game of loss, memory, and vampires.

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Product description

In Thousand Year Old Vampire you chronicle the many centuries of a vampire’s existence, beginning with the loss of mortality and ending with inevitable destruction. Prompt-driven play and simple resource tracking provide easy rules for exploring your character’s human failings, villainous acts, and surprising victories. Expect gut-churning decisions and irreconcilable acts.

The game mechanics are simple and intuitive. Play progresses semi-randomly through a book of Prompts which let you explore your vampire’s wants and needs, resolve problems, and chart the decline into senescence. Play can happen entirely within the character sheet or can become a journaling activity–both work equally well.

The book itself is a masterfully designed object filled with scrapbook clippings, photos, and paratextual scribbles.

Components & Details

  • Hardcover, full color, 188 pages. With ribbons, foil, and secrets.
  • Includes PDF with purchase
  • Number of players: 1
  • Style: Solo journaling game
  • Creator: Tim Hutchings


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