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Product description

Welcome to... Collector Edition is the definitive version of the eponymous game. It includes reworked rules and refined gameplay, as well as all the released expansion sets (7 different maps and a new Solo IA experience), in addition to a brand new « Roswell » expansion (risk-taking mechanics in a story about aliens and flying saucers), a rethemed expansion, previously exclusive to France (« Share the Dream », a complete reworking, perfect for learning the game in a 4th of July, / share the American dream setting) and a « Quack » expansion ( a quirky game about lost ducks in a neighborhood, previously o ff ered as a PNP during the lockdowns), all in glorious dry- erase form for higher quality feel.
Welcome to.. Collector Edition contains also 6 alternate versions of the classic Welcome to... sheet, completely re-imagined and illustrated by world renowned artists : Vincent Dutrait, Beth Sobel, Weberson Santiago, Christine Alcouffe, Ryan Goldsberry and Maud Chalmel. It also adds 35 new cards for increased replayability, and 6 boxes for easy storage, all in a small « Welcome to the Moon » format.


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