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Product description

"Deep Sea Adventure" is a board game that tasks players with bringing the most treasure back from the cold depths of the sea. This is a game of chance and bluffing, where players explore the ocean with a shared supply of oxygen, how long can you last down there before you have to start coming back up to the top.

The further you go, the more likely you are to get a high score, but each time the player picks up a chip, the shared “air” will be reduced by the number of chips. If you reach zero air before you get back to your submarine, you'll lose all the chips you've earned. You must be careful when deciding where to return. You can dare to pick up a lot of chips, reduce the air more and more, and disturb other players. You may want to plan so that only you can return to the submarine. However, you can only proceed by subtracting the number of chips you picked up from the die roll, so be careful when picking up too much.

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