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It's MTG FNM at RCG!

$28.99 CAD
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10+ seats

Product description

Join us for a 3-round Magic: The Gathering draft in a casual, friendly environment ideal for players of all experience levels, including beginners.

  • Mana cost: $28.99 - includes 3 draft packs and 1 prize support pack
  • Times: 6:00 - 9:00 pm on Fridays
  • Location: Vancouver

If you haven't already, please download and set up the Magic: The Gathering Companion app with your Wizards account prior to your arrival - we'll get playing that much faster!


October 27 - Harvesttide Festival Sealed 2HG Event

Embrace the spooky season with the Harvesttide Festival, a 2-Headed Giant event using Innistrad: Midnight Hunt and Crimson Vow draft and collector boosters!

Participants play in teams of two - either come with a partner or get paired randomly. Instead of drafting, each team will receive a total of 9 packs: 4 draft boosters from Midnight Hunt, 4 draft boosters from Crimson Vow, and 1 collector booster from either Midnight Hunt or Crimson Vow.

Teams will build two 40-card decks from the shared pool of cards, then play as partners in a casual 3-round draft (sort of like multiplayer Commander games). We'll have fun, spooky prizes for all!



As we offer a pretty casual environment here at Rain City Games, each player will receive one draft booster pack for every round that they win. Additional prizing may include random draws for promo packs, cards or other goodies.

And if you register for the event at least 3 hours before it starts, you'll be eligible to win a special Early Bird prize, which is often a rare promo card or other desirable item!


Lateness policy

We start our events as close to the listed start time as possible. A late event start means everyone else - players and staff alike - will be held late too, which isn't fair to anyone. As such, Rain City Games reserves the right to penalize and/or drop players who are late for events without possibility of a refund.


Cancellation / refund policy

Attendees can cancel (and be refunded for) event registrations up to one hour prior to the listed event start time. If you need to cancel your event reservation, contact the store and we'll sort things out.


New to Drafting?

Drafts are a fun way to play Magic that can help level the playing field in a group of players with different experience levels.

In a draft, you select cards one at a time from three packs that are passed around the table of 6-8 players, and then build a 40 card deck out of the cards you've chosen. After your deck is complete it's time to play in a three round tournament against the other drafters! Each round consists of a best of three match.

While drafting is a skill you definitely need to learn, we keep it pretty casual and friendly here. If you haven't drafted in person before, here's a helpful video guide to the format. You can learn more about B.R.E.A.D (a mnemonic device many drafters find helpful that serves as a reminder of which cards to prioritize as you draft) here

We will have Basic Lands for building, but you may want to bring sleeves, a playmat, and some kind of notepad or other device for counting your life total--or you can always pick up those items here in store!

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