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$10.00 CAD
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10+ seats

Product description

Sundays mean card games with pals, at least around these parts. Come by and play some games of commander with our friendly community. This is a casual event aimed to offer a space to play the decks you love while being accessible enough for anyone to come play. Bring your own decks and supplies.

  • Times: 1:30 - 4:30 pm on Sundays
  • Location: New West
  • Price: $10 - includes 1 random booster pack in addition to the Commander games you know and love. This booster pack will have a minimum value of $5.49, but may in fact be more valuable - the more participants we have at a given event, the more valuable packs we can throw in the mix!


If you haven't already, please download and set up the Magic: The Gathering Companion app with your Wizards account prior to your arrival - we'll get playing that much faster!


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