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Product description

Planar Hijinks is a series of one-shots using the Planebreaker Supplementary book by Monte Cook Games, meaning it will be the good old fantasy RPG you love with some sci-fi extra-dimensional twists involved as well.

These one-shots, though available to be experienced individually, will be tied together narratively. Sign up for all three sessions to get a full grasp of this twisting trans-dimensional story!

  • Location: New West
  • Days / Times: multiple options available - please choose your preferred date in the dropdown above
  • Cost: $16 per session and a bonus item
  • Size: 8 players maximum
  • DM: Lolu
  • Prerequisites: No prior D&D experience required! All are welcome.

Planar Hijinks offer an immersive experience with music, visual aids, and bonus prizes for players - something different every week!

Players may join for a single session, the whole series, or something in between. All player experience levels are welcome! If you're new to these games, one-shots are a great way to kick-start your D&D experience and introduce you to the world of roleplaying games (RPGs). These one-shots are standalone adventures, so there's no long-term commitment!


Character Creation

Premade characters will be available for new players. If you want to create your character ahead of time, you can prepare a character with the following rules below. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Lolu on the Rain City Games Discord server.

Character level

Your character starts at level 3

Character stats

Determine your stats using the standard array (PHB p12) with average hit points.

Character options

You may choose any race or class options from official D&D 5e books, or you can ask for Planar character options and those may be provided as well.

Starting equipment

You start with the equipment, weapons and armor etc. offered by your background and class. Any gold or magic items earned throughout the session are retained by your character for the next session.


About your DM

Lolu Oyedele (he/him/they) is a Nigerian-born, South African-raised artist who has been immersed in the world of TTRPGs for the past six years. With five years of experience as a Dungeon Master, Lolu's focus lies in creating an enjoyable and safe gaming experience for all.

As a DM, Lolu prioritizes fun and player agency, allowing for a relaxed atmosphere where humor, lightheartedness, and even mistakes can flourish without severe consequences. Simultaneously, they place great importance on player safety and boundaries, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable enough to fully engage and immerse themselves in the game.

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