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In-Store RPGs - Vancouver - Wandering One-Shots

In-Store RPGs - Vancouver - Wandering One-Shots

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It's time to change up your RPG routine!

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Product description

Wandering One-Shots is a series of self-contained, single-session adventures exploring different roleplaying game systems - with no prior experience required. We provide all the materials; all we need is you!

Please note: These events require a minimum of 4 players to run.


Upcoming games

The Quiet Year - Friday, February 10 - 6-9 pm

The Quiet Year is a cartography-based roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic world on the road to recovery - for now. You know the dangers will return; how will you and your fellow survivors prepare to survive again?

The collaborative storytelling is expressed largely through illustration, with the central map growing and expanding as your settlement's story unfolds.

Hosted by Andrea.

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