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Things in Rings

Product description

Figure It Out First!

Place your object cards inside the Venn Diagram and see where they belong before your opponents.

In this game are many Things,

Things which you must put in Rings,

Some Things go in, some Things go out,

That's what this game is all about!

The Knower knows the secret rules,

But Thing cards give the Finders tools,

They seek to put each Thing in place,

In a Thing-slinging string-ringing rule-guessing race!

Players play as "Finders" and attempt to correctly place "Thing" Cards into a Venn Diagram. Each Ring of the Venn Diagram has special rules. The twist? Only one player, playing as "The Knower," knows the secret rules.

The rules fall into three different categories:

Word: about the spelling or structure of the word,

Attribute: about the physical properties of the object

Context: about the position of use of the object in society.

For example, the rules might be ‘starts with a vowel’, ‘edible’, and ‘found in a school’. The Thing card ‘Apple’ would follow all 3 rules and be placed directly in the middle of the Venn Diagram. Meanwhile, ‘Train’ follows no rules and would be outside the Venn Diagram.

As each thing is placed and moved to the correct spot, players gain more information about what the rules could be. When a player plays a thing card correctly, they may immediately place another card. The first player to empty their hand wins.

Strategy Tip: The goal is to get rid of your cards, NOT figure out the rules. But, the best way to get rid of your cards IS to figure out the rules!

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