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Build Your Caravan Of Camels!

The board fills up quick. Will you be left out to dry?

Reiner Knizia's enduring classic, Through The Desert, makes a triumphant return. The iconic camels and elegant gameplay will captivate newcomers and longtime fans alike.

Travel the desert with five different colors of camels. Build long, sweeping caravans to score points at watering holes and oases. You also get points for claiming territories by enclosing sections of the map with your camels.

Through The Desert shines in how tight the gameplay can be. At the beginning of the game, the map looks wide open. But, as turns progress, it becomes harder and harder to score points. There's a "knife-fight-in-a-phone-booth" nature to the gameplay that reveals itself towards the end. Water is scarce in the desert, but will the points can be scarcer?

What sets this new edition apart? Damien Mammoliti contributes all-new artwork to bring this tabletop desert world to life. The beloved camels get an updated design while remaining alarmingly cute and functional.

Allplay’s edition comes in a smaller box, with a bigger board, at a lower price. We also introduce new gameplay elements through several expansions. They add new mechanics and challenges to tweak the rich simplicity of the core game.

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