2023 Blind Dates - revealed!

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2023 Blind Dates - revealed!

For the first time ever, we’re revealing what was behind our cryptic clues!

Blind Date with a Board Game is our favourite sale of the year, if for no other reason than because we get to watch a steady stream of customers agonize over which games could be hiding inside each bag.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re revealing what was behind our cryptic clues!

(Admittedly some clues were better than others.)


A complex worker placement game with impish humour Dungeon Lords


Congrats, now you run Evil Petsmart. (High complexity) Dungeon Petz


Welcome to the Great Space Bakeoff! Space Battle Lunchtime


Welcome to the softer side of roll-and-writes. Bring your allergy meds. Isle of Cats: Explore and Draw


Family-friendly interactive trivia! Braintopia 3


Huh... Dice roll downhill but you're climbing up. Trek 12


A tactical, historical wargame of revolutionaries vs. pirates Shores of Tripoli


Play your cards as they're dealt - just don't be the loser! Dealt!


Monster Hunter: Ancient Greece Edition - with a side of civilization building Orichalcum


Multiple games in one - how many can you win? Red7


A puzzling problem of rampant robots Stop the Robots


A roll and write for little gamers, ages 4+ Color It!


Cooperative prediction and planning, ages 5+ Robots


Shaping up to be a family-friendly roll and write 5er Finden


Intergalactic cartography: the roll and write Distant Suns


Humble D12 or magical orb? Potato potahto. King of 12


Cooperative survival in the frosty wilds The Coldest Night


Tactical colouring book mayhem, ages 8+ Combo Color


The tastiest game of push your luck - don't get salty if you lose! Nacho Pile


Competitive family vacations, upside down? Boomerang Australia


Strike a pose! ...And hope you picked the right card Vamp on the Batwalk


A peaceful pond puzzler Koi Garden


Scribin' ain't easy Biblios: Quill and Parchment


Party games for word nerds Master Word


High stakes high fructose corn syrup, ages 7+ Candy Islands


Set collection for young shutterbugs, ages 7+ Perfect Shot


Jungle Cruise roll and write: Arctic edition! Riverside


Forget crunchy - this is a CHOMPY roll and write! Welcome to Dino World


A family dexterity game that'll bowl you over, ages 6+ Valley of the Vikings


A chess-like contemplative puzzler Thrive


Strategic city planning with vintage west coast flair San Francisco


Strategic train planning on a strict deadline Shinkansen


Slide your way to the top against some cool competition. Is... is that a yeti? Skull Canyon Ski Fest


A colourful, light n' thinky game Juicy Fruits


A chess-like game of competitive statuary TacTiki


Pick up and deliver, indeed! Air Mail


Push your luck to deliver your wares Camel Up: Off Season


Strategic city building in ye olde times It’s A Wonderful Kingdom


Getting goods to market while catering to the esoteric needs of your herd Yak


A tropical vacation spent digging in the sand: the strategy game? Fyfe


A memory game you can really sink your teeth into Fruit Passion


Flail wildly in front of friends and family Pictionary Air


Prehistoric tug of war Great Plains


Tactical maps and cunning traps Spies and Lies: A Stratego Story


Drafting and building to test your spatial logic Catacombs Cubes


A satisfying solarpunk city builder Ginkgopolis


Sci fi tech meets old west bluffing 3000 Scoundrels


Who needs the CDC when you have the Jedi Council? Star Wars: Clone Wars (Pandemic system)